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If it's a new deck, you're looking for, or repairs either way we can help you.

workers constructing a backyard deck

New build

We have built many decks from the ground up. We like to discuss with you, your vision of how you see yourself using the new deck. We can help you come up with a footprint, we can help you pick out materials, we can also show you examples of what the finishes you have selected should look like in your application. We are familiar with many forms of decking materials, composite, vinyl, composite, and of course, treated lumber. We have very reliable local suppliers of the most popular brands of decking finishes.


It's enjoyable to us, finding solutions for people that save them money and help them achieve their goals. Anytime we feel we can repair something. We will suggest it. it's almost never bad to build new, because even if it could've been repaired it resets the life span of the entire unit. However in many cases you can extend the life and restore the appearance of a deck without starting over from scratch. And intern, save a lot of money.  If you are unsure as to the condition of your deck. We are more than happy to come out and help you evaluate it and teach you some ways to tell.

a completed deck and patio
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